Tougher emissions rules in the US and the low popularity of diesel powered passenger vehicles in North America means that Ford won't be offering any diesel cars in the US. Its range of diesel pickup trucks will remain, but in an article from Automotive News, the company has stated that it will not launch a vehicle unless it makes money.

The F-150 pickup will be introduced with a 4.4L turbocharged V8 diesel engine co-developed with Land Rover towards the end of 2008, but there are no plans for a diesel powered car anytime soon from the Blue Oval. Instead, Ford will promote its new gasoline direct injection and turbocharging technology known as TwinForce.

There were originally plans to market the new Focus compact with a diesel engine, which could boost fuel economy by about 30 percent. European versions of the car can achieve economy rates of 50mpg on the highway, but America’s new emissions rules that started this month have ruled out this option.