General Motors has all but confirmed that there will be a Viper SRT10 rivaling Corvette supercar during an interview with analysts on Thursday, according to an article from The Detroit Free Press. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has commented that the General isn’t about to let the Viper hold the title of most powerful American sports car, adding "as you all know, it is not our policy to discuss future product programs. However it is very important for Corvette to be the most powerful, most capable, best handling sports car in the United States."

Spy images of a Corvette test mule with a unique hood scoop emanating a loud supercharger whine have been caught in recent months, hinting that the new car will output significantly more than the 505hp Z06 (pictured above). Rumors are suggesting that the final figure will be close to 650hp with the car expected to debut in 2009.