Mercedes-AMG has released a teaser for an open-top version of its wide-body G-Class to be labeled a Landaulet and due for a debut during next month’s 2017 Geneva auto show.

A Landaulet is typically a sedan where part of the roof can be folded away to provide an open-air experience for those riding in the back. Some readers will recall that Mercedes-Maybach, back when it was a standalone brand, unveiled a Landaulet version of its 62 sedan.

We’ve been spying an AMG-prepped G-Class 4x4² with its rear concealed. Initially thought to be a pickup option, it’s now likely the tester is the vehicle shown in the teaser. Along with the teaser, AMG left the message: “First we built the G63 AMG 6x6—now the ultimate off-roader has another surprise up its sleeve.”

One final clue given away in the teaser is the license plate, which suggests we’re looking at a G65-based model powered by a 621-horsepower twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V-12. Thus, the model in the teaser is likely to be a G65 4x4² Landaulet.

With a redesigned G-Class just around the corner, the G65 4x4² Landaulet likely serves as a final salute to the original G-Class which has been with us—in civilian form—since 1979 and has featured open-top versions in the past.

The Geneva auto show starts March 7. For more coverage, head to our dedicated hub.