Edo Competition, a specialist at tuning Porsches and other exotics, has taken its previous MC-12R tuner car and squeezed even more power out of it. The MC-12R already produced an extra 70hp over the standard Maserati MC12 on which it was based, but now the tuners have created the MC 12XX that delivers a total output of 800hp.

Engineers at the German-based tuning house were never happy with the stock MC12, likening the sound of its V12 engine to that of a humble Nissan. Power was bumped up to 800hp (588kW) at a lofty 8,500rpm with torque up at 780Nm at 5,800rpm. With this much juice under the hood, its developers claim the MC 12XX can reach 100km/h from rest in 3.2seconds and tops out at over 390km/h.

The engine was upgraded to match the specs of Ferrari's FXX supercar-in-waiting, and now displaces 6.3L and includes new steel cylinders and pistons, new camshafts, as well as a new stainless steel exhaust system and high-flow induction kit. There’s even a button inside the cabin to adjust the volume of the exhaust. Overall weight has been reduced by a significant 100kg, thanks mainly to huge lightweight 19 and 20in alloys measuring 335mm at the rears and filled with carbon-ceramic sports brakes. Buying this kit includes 1 day testing with instructor, mechanics, data-recording, transport and hospitality on a race track.