U.K. niche supercar manufacturer Noble Automotive has sold the manufacturing rights of its M12 and M400 cars to America's 1g Racing, its Ohio-based U.S. distributor. This means that these two models will now be constructed in the U.S., but they will have to be rebadged and renamed for sale by July 15, 2007. However, under the deal Noble will retain the rights to both cars in the U.K.

The move will allow Noble to raise significant funds for development of its upcoming M15 model, and possibly even an additional model. The M15 will be positioned as a more prestigious and upmarket luxury car, with Noble hoping to differentiate the new model by getting rid of its current lineup.

Noble boss Lee Noble said in a statement, "The M12 has been a very successful model for Noble Automotive and we have learned much from it. Our new model will be a big step forward and this will leave no room in our lineup for the M12/400 as we need to concentrate all of our attention on the development of our new model. However, we will remain committed to all Noble owners, and will maintain the supply of all M12 and M400 parts for our owners and dealers."


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