Talking with journalists at the recent Chicago Auto Show, General Motors’ vice chairman Bob Lutz hinted at the possibility of the platform used for the upcoming Camaro spawning an all-new ultra-luxury vehicle from Cadillac. According to The Car Connection, the new car could be available in either RWD or AWD configurations and feature more than eight cylinders, making it a genuine competitor to full-size sedans such as the BMW 7-series or Mercedes S-Class. Pictured above is a V16 concept car built by Cadillac back in 2003 that could hint at a possible design direction for a large Caddy sedan.

The move would tie in perfectly with GM’s decision to build more of its vehicles on fewer but more flexible platforms. Engineers are trying to make the Camaro's platform as flexible as possible, which is believed to be part of the reason for the coupe’s long gestation period. The original design of the architecture, codenamed Zeta, was developed in Australia by Holden for its Commodore sedan, but right from the start the plan was to create a new global architecture.

Other trends that GM is looking into is the possibility of powering larger vehicles with low-displacement, high-output turbocharged engines in an effort to improve mileage rates. Lutz gives the example of a Pontiac G8 powered with a four-cylinder Cobalt engine but turbocharged to around 280hp as just one possibility.