Indian carmaker Tata Motors has announced that it’s in talks with several developers of hybrid-electric and fuel-cell drivetrains. According to Reuters, the companies involved include Ballard Power Systems as well as several smaller firms in Japan and Europe. Speaking with reporters at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, Tata’s Chairman Ratan Tata admitted that his company does not have the resources to develop the technology on its own.

Tata wants to expand into Eastern Europe, where economical cars are proving quite popular. It will also use its partnership with Fiat to possibly source a range of frugal engines that can run on both gasoline and ethanol in preparation for its scheduled launch into the UK later this year. Tata hopes to sell up to 15000 cars per year in Italy and Spain alone in three year’ time and is also considering expanding into Africa and Latin America. The US market is ruled out for now, with Tata saying “I would like to succeed in other geographies first before I endeavor to address the United States."

Pictured above is Tata’s Elegante concept that debuted in Geneva this week. It was designed so that it could fit a four-cylinder gasoline or diesel engine, or even a small capacity V6 unit, and meets all European crash-worthiness and emission standards.