One of the corners of the famed Nürburgring circuit will be labelled the 'Schumacher S’ in honor of seven-times F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. The announcement was made on Sunday by a spokesman for the venue and confirmed by the Nürburgring’s managing director Walter Kafitz, who told Cologne’s Express newspaper that the information “is correct.”

Kafitz also said “Michael is coming to the grand prix in July and we will unveil the 'Schumacher S' then." The retired F1 superstar will be completing a lap of the 3.2mile ‘GP-Strecke’ before the race. Germany will play host to only one F1 event for following seasons after a deal was struck between the Nürburgring and Hockenheim circuits, which will see races alternate each year.

The 'Schumacher S’ is a quick left hand curve that comes after the current 'Dunlop' hairpin and just before the ‘Shell’ right-hand bend. We’re sure younger brother Ralph Schumacher will be taking credit for the corner when telling bar stories.