Volkswagen looks to have teased a new member of its ID family of electric cars on a Christmas card sent out to journalists. The automaker did the same in 2018, with the previous Christmas card teasing the ID Buggy concept car unveiled last fall.

The new teaser depicts a subcompact hatch with styling cues clearly cribbed from the compact ID 3. The new car, if built, would likely replace the e-Up! electric minicar sold overseas, which is close to reaching the end of its product cycle.

Autocar reported on Thursday that the car depicted here will be shown as a concept in the second half of 2020 and spawn a production model around 2022. VW has said it is looking at EVs smaller than the ID 3, with the automaker known to have placeholders for the names ID 1 and ID 2.

Autocar also reported that VW is developing a lower-cost version of its MEB modular EV platform dubbed MEB Entry, and the car shown here would be the first recipient. Range is expected to come in at less than 150 miles, making cars based on the platform ideal for city driving and small commutes only. This means we likely won't see it in the United States.

News of additional ID cars doesn't come as much of a surprise as Volkswagen Group has committed to launching 70 EVs by 2028, with most of these to come from the VW brand.