General Motors is hoping to transform its Cadillac label into a full line global car company and has its sights set on the likes of BMW and Mercedes Benz. Cadillac only offers a handful of models outside the US, but we’re likely to see a full range of cars including a high-end saloon, luxury SUV and performance convertible sold in global markets in the coming years.

The first wave of Cadillac’s global invasion is the introduction of the new CTS sedan that’s set to be launched in Europe by the end of the year and which will eventually be sold in regions outside of the US and Europe. The sedan will be followed by coupe and wagon variants in 2009 and possibly a next-generation BLS.

Cadillac is rumored to be developing a small RWD vehicle based on a new compact architecture code named Alpha. This new platform will spawn several major models for many other GM brands including cars for Opel, Pontiac, Saab, Vauxhall and possibly Chevrolet. It’s thought Alpha will be available with both RWD and AWD and feature either four-cylinder or V6 performance. The next generation DTS sedan and upcoming luxury XLS flagship will be based on GM’s Zeta architecture that underpins cars such as the Pontiac G8 and Camaro coupe.

New reports are suggesting that there may not be a new XLS flagship after all. In a recent interview, Holden’s engineering head has denied claims that the Aussie GM subsidiary is developing the new V12 powerplant. However, GM’s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has previously confirmed that development work for the new saloon is well underway. Other Cadillac models in the pipeline include a new mid-sized crossover that’s likely to be called the BRX, but it’s thought that the SRX may be dropped in favor of the new CTS wagon. Finally, we’ll likely see the next-generation XLR roadster bow in by 2012.