BMW is the manufacturer of some of the most dynamic vehicles on the market today, but most buyers won’t have the skills or confidence to fully exploit their car’s performance. The German carmaker offers some solace with its Performance Center and Driving School near its Spartanburg plant in the US. Here, both customers and non-BMW owners alike can learn advanced car control and safety skills as well as have some fun.

It has now upgraded the course at the driving center with new additions to the track including an extension to its high-performance M School track, an "other-roads" course to showcase the capabilities of its SUVs and a brand new circuit for motorbikes. The newly revamped other-roads course will be included as part of a two-day package this year. It measures 1.4 miles long and contains inclined portions that rise as sharply as 34 degrees.

In addition to the new driving school updates, BMW will also run its delivery service during 2007 for its customers. During a one-on-one session with a knowledgeable BMW delivery specialist, owners receive a personalized and thorough introduction to their vehicle. Every aspect of the BMW ownership experience is reviewed, from vehicle warranties and maintenance to safety features and controls.