Lexus is near to completing development for its first ever supercar and although top brass are remaining extremely tight-lipped on the subject, we can reveal that the new car will most likely feature a newly developed 5.0L V10 engine pumping out in excess of 500hp. We can also confirm that there will be a hybrid version, with earlier reports suggesting Lexus will use the V8 engine from the new IS-F combined with an electric motor.

A senior Lexus staffer in the UK, Steve Settle, who spoke with Motor Trader mentioned that the new car is being designed from the ground up, “something entirely different.” He then gave further evidence that there will be a hybrid model, explaining “it promises to set a fresh standard in the hybrid technology to which Lexus is totally committed and we are very excited about it.”

To prepare for the launch of the LS600H saloon next month, Lexus’ UK division is flying out technicians to a special training seminar in Spain, a similar practice it did when launching the RX and GS hybrid models. We’re sure the same will be done when the new supercar arrives towards the end of the decade. A near-production version should make an appearance later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Lexus gave the automotive world an idea of what its supercar could look like when it unveiled its second LF-A concept car, pictured, at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Lexus Division group VP and general manager Bob Carter described the latest concept as “being much closer to a vehicle that we would bring to market, and one in which we will be gauging consumer interest.”