When news of the Weber supercar first broke, we initially had some doubts that the Swiss company would follow through on its promise to deliver its own in-house designed concept in time for last month's Top Marques Monaco Auto Show. But the auto parts supplier has pulled through and we now have images of its carbon-fiber bodied concept direct from Monaco.

Underneath its odd shape sits a full aluminum chassis, which allows the car to weigh in at just 1,100kg. Reaching the claimed 400+km/h top speed shouldn’t be a problem thanks to its lithe mass as well as its high-output, mid-mounted V8 engine. Displacing 7.0L, the supercharged and intercooled motor develops up to 900hp and a whopping 1,050Nm of torque. The designers opted for a sequential gearbox with semiautomatic and full automatic modes, and have placed four separate fuel tanks at each corner for better weight distribution.

Weber has ensured that anyone driving its supercar will be safe with the latest in car safety technology. In addition to the 12-piston calipers and carbon-ceramic brakes, Weber has added an adaptive aero package, four wheel motion and traction control and huge 355mm tires at the rear. This isn’t any stripped to the bare bones racer either. Inside, the concept car comes with power windows and keyless entry as well as rain sensing wipers, rear-view camera and a stereo sound system. Optional extras include a TV, an on-board computer with internet access and a full roll cage.