• 2013 Weber FasterOne

    We first caught wind of the Weber FasterOne supercar as far back as 2007, when it consisted of nothing but a few drawings on a piece of paper and some renderings on a computer. Even back then, however, the people behind the car were adamant it would rival the Bugatti Veyron in performance, both in terms of acceleration and top speed. That was quite the tall order, especially coming from a company barely known outside of its native Switzerland, but nevertheless development of Weber’s FasterOne continued. By the end of 2007, the first concept version was unveiled, and in 2008 some of the...

  • Weber updates supercar concept with 'Faster One'
    Weber Updates Supercar Concept With 'Faster One'

    Back in May 2007, we brought you news of the Weber Sportscars 400km/h supercar concept. The odd-looking beast was an intriguing mix of carbon fiber, aluminum and horsepower - with statistics so impressive you could almost forgive the bizarre appearance. Now Weber has updated their challenger for...

  • Weber unveils 400KM/H supercar concept
    Weber Unveils 400-KMH Supercar Concept

    When news of the Weber supercar first broke, we initially had some doubts that the Swiss company would follow through on its promise to deliver its own in-house designed concept in time for last month's Top Marques Monaco Auto Show. But the auto parts supplier has pulled through and we now have...

  • Weber plans 400KM/H supercar for Top Marques Monaco
    Weber Plans 400-KMH Supercar For Top Marques Monaco

    Swiss company Weber Sportscars, best known as an auto parts supplier, will be displaying its own in-house designed supercar during April’s Top Marques Monaco Auto Show. The car's chassis construction consists of aluminum and weighs just 65kg. It’s so rigid that during testing, a strain...

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