Swiss company Weber Sportscars, best known as an auto parts supplier, will be displaying its own in-house designed supercar during April’s Top Marques Monaco Auto Show. The car's chassis construction consists of aluminum and weighs just 65kg. It’s so rigid that during testing, a strain of 14 tons could only bend it by one degree. The aerodynamic package has been honed over a period of nine months, and its developers are so confident of its slippery shape that they guarantee the new car will reach 400km/h. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is estimated at 2.7 seconds.

Its body will consist of carbon-fiber to conserve weight, while propulsion will come from a mid mounted and supercharged 7.2L V8 engine. It will feature dry sump lubrication and a coil for each cylinder, just like a race engine. Drive will be sent to all four wheels via a semi automated sequential six-speed gearbox with gear changes that occur in just 80 milliseconds. The entire power train, as well as the differentials, were designed by Weber themselves and are partly produced by them too.

The storage for fuel will consist of four separate tanks displacing 110L in total, which will be located at each corner of the car to improve balance and weight distribution. The expected dry weight of the car is expected to be 1,100 kg. Standard equipment will include a full leather and Carbon-fiber interior, a fully functioning steering wheel with Formula One-style controls, 380mm carbon-ceramic brakes with 12 piston calipers, traction control, different drive modes, hydraulic steering, complete audio and navigation systems, an on-board camera, electric windows and central locking. Weber’s claims are very bold, and it will be an amazing feat if it can actually build a car that meets these specifications.