To comply with FIA GT1 series regulations, Koenigsegg were forced to reduce the output of its 806-horsepower CCX to the tune of 600 hp. To do this, engineers removed the standard car’s supercharger system but bored out the 4.7-liter V-8 engine to 5.0 liters. Labeled the CCGT in motorsport trim, the new race car also undercuts the FIA’s minimum weight restrictions by 220 pounds thanks to its already super-light structure. Finally, further development of the car’s aerodynamic package was required due to its short overhangs, which are actually worse for generating downforce.

Koenigsegg has also developed a biofuel-powered CCXR with even more performance than the standard CCX. The burning of ethanol in biofuel has the positive side effect of cooling the combustion chambers. This combined with a higher octane rating provides the enviro-friendly supercar with 1,018 hp at 7,200 rpm and peak torque of 781 pound-feet at 6,100 rpm, making it the first homologated car currently in production to reach over 1,000 hp.

Previous customers will be able to have their CCXs converted by the factory to accept the biofuel option and reap the performance and environmental gains as well.


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