The Cadillac lineup is in for possible shakeup with a basic case of in with the new and out with the old. The first to go would be the FWD DTS. Despite being one of its best sellers, the DeVille successor doesn’t point to the direction Cadillac execs are hoping to take the brand in.

The president of General Motors North America, Troy Clarke, explained in a recent interview with reporters from Automotive News that “you'll see kind of a smaller Cadillac entry, something less than the CTS, something around the CTS and something bigger than the CTS”.

This might also mean that the STS could also be dropped, instead being replaced by a long-wheelbase version of the CTS. "That's the product direction that we're moving toward," Clarke revealed.

We’re also likely to see greater variations of future models such as coupe, convertible and touring versions based on regular sedan models to help expand the range while streamlining development and production.