Free from its ties with German parent Daimler, Chrysler will be making major strides to show that it is returning to its American roots. Latest reports suggest that the classic Pentastar logo will make a comeback as Chrysler's official logo after a nine year hiatus. The iconic logo was originally dropped following the merger with Daimler-Benz AG back in 1998.

The Pentastar is now set to make its return, according to an internal email sent to Chrysler employees from a high ranking exec. The Detroit Free Press reports that the senior staffer attended Monday’s meeting where the sale to Cerberus Capital Management was first announced to Chrysler vice presidents and directors.

The logo won’t be identical to the original. It’s expected to get an updated and more modern look. Other details revealed in the email include Cerberus boss Stephen Feinberg’s regret over naming the private equity firm after the mythological three-headed dog guarding the gates of Hades.