Buick is desperate to add new products to its lineup but an exec has revealed that any new model won’t arrive until the end of the decade at the earliest. GM’s president of North America Troy Clarke, who spoke recently with Car and Driver, explained that Buick could either add a model positioned above the Lucerne sedan or below the LaCrosse.

The new car will either be a large RWD sedan or convertible, with styling based on the Velite concept that was displayed at 2004’s New York Auto Show. Developers will use GM’s global Zeta platform for the car’s running gear, which means its powertrain options will probably be shared with the Pontiac G8 and upcoming Chevy Camaro.

The future of Buick will see more of its models sharing platforms and design efforts with sister models in China. The first of these new-generation cars will be the next LaCrosse, which will be launched in 2009 in both the US and China.