Germany’s ADAC automotive regulatory body has given China’s Brilliance BS6 sedan a poor one-star rating in its latest round of crash tests. This is the car that Brilliance was hoping would convince European buyers that the Chinese brand was capable of building a truly world class car, but these latest results are very unnerving.

After conducting both head-on and side impact tests, with the vehicle traveling at 64km/h, the ADAC revealed that the BS6’s safety cell was too soft and that the A-pillar pushed too far into the cabin. Also, the steering wheel was pushed to side, rendering the airbag next to useless, and the pedals penetrated 32cm into the cabin as well. In the post crash assessment, the car’s body was so mangled that the doors could only be opened with heavy equipment.

The car’s German importer is unsatisfied with the results and claims that it should be retested and that another session will be conducted in July. Meanwhile the cars will remain on sale. So far, approximately 350 cars have been sold in Germany through four dealers.