BMW’s 3-series range is next in line to get the carmaker’s Efficient Dynamics fuel saving technology, and preliminary tests are showing that some models are reducing carbon emissions by up to 23%. The first cars equipped with the system will appear in showrooms from September, and will include the engine stop-start and brake-energy regeneration systems.

The range topping diesel powerplant, BMW’s new 204hp 2.0L twin-turbo diesel will be capable of achieving a mileage rate of 54.3mpg and will produce on average just 138g of CO2 per km. Better still, fuel consumption improves by between 16% and 19% on all 3-series models fitted with Efficient Dynamics technology, reports BusinessCar.

The most efficient model in the range, the 318d scored an impressive 60.1mpg fuel economy rating and emitted only 123g/km of CO2 in its latest European Union test cycle. These figures are comparable with those of the highly acclaimed Toyota Prius and some would argue is actually better than the consumption figures of the popular electric-hybrid.