The personalized number plate, CEO 1, has sold for a whopping £154,100 on eBay in the UK today. The unique license plate was only posted for sale on the 2nd of this month and had received more than one hundred bids before the auction closed. The previous car that wore the plate was an Aston Martin DB6, and we suspect its new owner will attach it to a car that’s every bit as prodigious as the Aston.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a license plate has been sold for such an outrageous amount on eBay. Previous high achievers include the plates ‘1 STUD’, ‘ELV111S’ and ‘CRU5H’. However, the most expensive number plate to sell in the UK is the plate ‘M1’, which went under the hammer for £331,000 last year.

Commenting on this latest sale, eBay rep Jody Ford commented, “it goes to show that people will go to any lengths to get the perfect accessory for their car." In fact, sales of personalized number plates are increasing by 23% a year on eBay in the UK and are showing no signs of slowing.