Despite having just announced their split, Mercedes and Chrysler will continue to share electrical systems, SUV components and other technology long after the de-merger has been finalized and the dust has settled. A joint operating board will be set up to manage any parts sharing programs with three members from either side presiding, revealed Chrysler product Chief Frank Klegon in an interview with Automotive News.

Under the deal, Chrysler and Mercedes will share chassis components such as front and rear suspension systems for the next-gen Dodge and Mercedes SUV models, however, there won’t be any platform sharing. Chrysler will also continue to source active safety systems, Bluetec diesel technology and future fuel-cell components for Mercedes, and both carmakers will benefit from a new electrical architecture that was co-developed by the two sides.

Analysts are predicting that we’ll see the first new models with shared components early next decade, and Klegon has revealed that Chrysler and Mercedes cars equipped with the new electrical architecture will be on sale by 2011 or 2012.