Images of Australia’s latest RWD family hauler have popped up on several Aussie forums, revealing the next-gen Ford Falcon ahead of its launch in early ’08. These renderings are said to reveal the new FPV GT, a performance bred sedan based on the regular Falcon and powered by a range of V8 and turbo inline sixes.

The new Falcon is described as being developed as a 'top hat' project. Essentially, the current BF model is getting new sheet metal and some minor revisions to its mechanical package. Aimed at the Holden Commodore in the Aussie market, the Ford Falcon also spawns a mid-sized SUV, labeled the Territory that’s also expected to come in for an update.

The FPV performance models will soldier on with the Ford Boss 5.4L V8 engine, but are expected to output more than the current 290kW peak power figure. The turbo 4.0L six should also get a healthy power boost, though it may not be around beyond 2010. By then, Australia will adopt Euro IV emissions standards and the venerable straight-six might not make the cut.

Unfortunately, the chances of this car being exported to the other markets are slim but there is hope that some of the mechanicals could eventually end-up in some of Ford’s RWD models in the US, including the next-gen Mustang.