Ford has confirmed development of its future RWD program will be spearheaded by an American design team in Detroit and not by its Australian division as earlier suspected. That doesn’t mean the Aussies won’t have an influential role in the gestation of America’s future RWD fleet as evidenced by the pair of FG Ford Falcon prototypes spotted testing in the Detroit area.

The sighting of the Falcon test-mules in the U.S. backs recent reports that Ford's new RWD architecture will borrow technology from the new Australian sedan, which makes sense as the new platform will eventually spawn the next-generation Falcon as well as a new Mustang, reports The Car Connection. Other cars earmarked for the new RWD platform include several future Lincoln and Mercury models as well as a replacement for the aging Crown Vic.

Generations of the RWD Falcon sedan date back more than 20 years so like their Holden counterparts Ford’s Aussie engineers know a thing or two about creating big RWD saloons. Another reason why we may see more of an Australian influence in Ford future RWD program is because of Ford boss Alan Mulally’s love of the new Falcon, which he personally wants to drive back in America.