A new batch of Panamera spy shots has just surfaced, and some of them are the most revealing shots we've come across yet.

Looking at the car’s profile, one can clearly see the shape of the new glasshouse, while at the rear sits the undisguised diffuser.

It’s still early days as the Panamera isn’t expected to be officially unveiled until the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, but what we do know is that it will feature a front engine, RWD layout, and a range of engines borrowed from the Cayenne SUV.

Top of the list is the Cayenne Turbo’s force-fed V8 engine, expected to deliver in the vicinity of 560hp, followed by a smaller and more economical V6 model as well as a new hybrid version whose drivetrain is being developed with Volkswagen.

Like the rest of Porsche’s range, the Panamera picks up conventional unibody construction for its internal structure but reports suggest designers are also employing aluminum to save weight. Both RWD and AWD models will be offered, with the latter picking up a modified Haldex-style multiplate clutch system from the 911 Turbo.