Shelby SuperCars will be attempted to topple the Bugatti Veyron by beating its unofficial top speed of 253mph and take the title as builder of the ‘World’s Fastest Production Car.’ SSC has announced today that high-speed tests of its 1183 hp Ultimate Aero TT supercar will be completed by the end of the month and that officials from Guinness World Records will be on hand to verify any results.

For the result to be official, independent firm Dewetron will be monitoring progress using a series of satellites and several onboard sensors. The Guinness rules stipulate that the car must make two runs within the hour, and the average of these will be used for the final record. On a side note, the official world record is 242mph as set by the Koenigsegg CCR. To this day, Bugatti’s top speed has yet to be officially recorded.

In an earlier attempt, SSC claims to have reached an amazing speed of 241.4mph with only 71% of the throttle during transmission durability testing. For the latest round testing, SSC were able to secure a closed stretch of highway in its home state of Washington in the US.