Lamborghini could have a successor to the original LM002 if the prototype in these latest spy shots turns out to be the latest test-mule from the Italian supercar manufacturer. Although the prototype is dressed in the sheetmetal of a Porsche Cayenne, the widened fenders and lowered front-end suggests that this is no ordinary SUV.

Earlier reports suggested that Porsche’s next-gen Cayenne would be smaller and sportier than the current model but this test-mule is clearly larger. Rumors that it could be a new SUV model for Bentley are also unlikely to be true given the speeds the prototype has been seen reaching around Germany’s Nurburgring.

Based on a modified version of the Cayenne platform, the new Lambo SUV will likely feature the Gallardo’s V10. This could be followed by a smaller 4.5L V8 model and possibly a diesel variant running Audi’s 5.9L V12 TDI.

Lamborghini’s immediate plans will see it launch a new Murcielago-based-supercar at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show and possibly a new V8-powered entry-level Gallardo.