Mercedes will be presenting no less than seven hybrid cars, eight new Bluetec diesels and one DiesOtto concept car at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, arguably the biggest number of offerings from a single carmaker at this year’s show. There will be 19 new models in total as well as the new F700 concept car, depicted in this official teaser.

The new F700 is a vehicle that’s the size of a large S-class saloon but is said to have the fuel-economy of a compact four-cylinder model. The key to its frugal fuel consumption is the new DiesOtto engine mated to a hybrid drive system. Final consumption rates in at 44mpg (5.3L/100km) on regular petrol, which also equates to a CO2 emissions rating of just 127g/km.

Also on show will be a S300 Bluetec diesel-hybrid car, which develops a reasonable 224hp (165kW) and a V8-rivaling 560Nm of torque but with a fuel-economy figure of 43.5mpg (5.4L/100km). If produced, the car would be able to meet the new stringent emissions standards such as EU6 or the BIN5 standard for 50 US states. Other new hybrid concepts include cars based on the ML, E-class and C-class models.