Diesel engines have had a long history of success in Europe, where BMW has offered them for the past 24 years. Now the German auto maker is looking to bring that success to America, and to do it in style: the 3.0L six-cylinder twin turbo mill makes 286hp (213kW) and a massive 427lb-ft (578Nm) of torque in the Euro-spec 335d. BMW is also keen to emphasize that this is a very refined motor - it's not the rattling, foul smelling powerplant of your neighbor's Ford pickup.

Which models will have the diesel powerhouse as an option, and how the engine will affect the price remains unannounced. The 335d and 535d sedans, and the 635d coupe will be available for test drives of the engine, however, so those models at least should have the option according to Wards Auto.

Perhaps the biggest point of interest of the new diesel is its efficiency: combined cycle tests yield 35mpg (6.7L/100km) compared to the 335i's six-cylinder petrol motor that scores a meager 20mpg (11.7L/100km) and only outputs 300hp (223kW) and 300lb-ft (406Nm) of torque. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on when the efficient and powerful oil-burners will appear in U.S. showrooms, but as the American dollar continues its dive and global oil prices continue to rise, it's nice to know you don't always have to give up performance to gain efficiency.