We’ve seen Nissan engineers testing cars at famous race tracks such as the Nurburgring and Laguna Seca but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped using their own private circuits. It seems testing behind the doors at Nissan has become so busy that a fifth test track was required. A new circuit at Oppama, Japan, has now been opened at a cost of €16.2 million.

The Oppama course stretches four kilometers in total and features several different roadway surfaces used for fine tuning a vehicle’s chassis. There’s also a high-speed test area as well as an off-road section and several office blocks.

Nissan’s other test tracks include the older Hokkaido, Tochigi and Motegi complexes plus a hot weather testing facility in Arizona. Completing the list is the recently opened driving dynamics center in Troisdorf, Germany, where Nissan’s more premium models including the Infiniti lineup are tested.