Nissan has built a 5 mile (8.1km) high-speed test track at Rikubetsu, Ashoro on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. At a cost of close to 3.2 billion yen ($27.52 million), the newest addition to Nissan’s line-up of proving grounds is also its largest. It joins Nissan’s three other test-tracks in Japan – two in Tochigi and one at Kanagawa prefecture. Nissan also has an overseas facility in Arizona, which includes a 9.1 km high-speed circuit.

Thanks to an average temperature of minus 15 degrees centigrade in the winter time, the new track is ideal for testing cold-weather characteristics. Engineers will be able to take cars up to speeds of more than 300km/h and can experience both break-neck velocities as well as more appropriate real-world conditions. Further, the track is said to closely resemble stretches of the German Autobahn with its meandering slopes and variable road conditions.

Researchers expect to improve on-road driving dynamics as well as increasing the quality and performance of Nissan vehicles. Some of the new technologies that Nissan will test include driver behavior monitoring systems, intelligent transportation methods plus other driver support set-ups.