The Tokyo show just wouldn’t be complete without a concept so outrageous and unthinkable that it would cause you to question the sanity of its designers. Luckily, Toyota stepped up to the plate with its RiN concept, which can be summed up as a greenhouse on wheels. Some of its earth-inspired goodies include leaf shaped foot pedals and a steering wheel that can tell how you’re feeling.

Most of us are used to hearing about horsepower, top-speed and lap-times, but the entire philosophy of the RiN concept does away with all that. Instead, the focus of the RiN is to make its occupants feel more in “harmony” with nature. The windows, for example, extend all the way around to create a glass floor to view the road below you.

In fact, most of the features of the RiN are in place to make its occupants feel more relaxed and promote physical and mental well-being. If Toyota could implement a few of the less crazy ideas into future models then perhaps in the not too distant future we will see a world without road rage, and happy, smiling faces in every car. Don’t hold your breath.