Audi’s RS4 sedan holds a magical quality for its fans. A unique balance of price, performance, and luxury, the RS4 manages to carve out a unique niche in the tightly competitive luxury performance marketplace. Considering it’s based on a seven year old platform, the RS4 is a very impressive machine, however it has to make way for the new model based on Audi’s advanced MLP platform.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumors of RS4 production ending, however our friends at confirmed the story directly with Audi officials.

The sedan will be first to go, with the Avant to follow this year and the Cabrio to see its end sometime in 2008. Stocks of the sedan and Avant are expected to last until the end of December, but no longer. The new A4 has just recently been released, and for the time being the standard A4 will be the only version until the new S4 and RS4 arrive.

Despite Audi’s apparent concern that the RS4 would step on the RS6’s toes, the absence of the S4 and RS4 leaves a hole in Audi’s line-up, especially when it comes to price. The RS6 is priced well above even the RS4, and the S4 slots in below that. Whatever the gang in Ingolstadt is up to, RS4 fans are going to have to buy now or face an undetermined wait for the next model. Audi had better hope those fans don’t jump ship to the new BMW M3 Sedan or Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, as they might not come back.

More details and updates on the (temporary) death of the RS4 if and when they arrive.