The partnership between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce has birthed more than a century of some of the finest cars the world has seen. The Silver Ghost, the Phantom, the Corniche - all hold their place in automotive and Rolls-Royce history. Now the maker is in the spotlight not for its luxury or novelty, but for its longevity.

Still running strong after 103 years, the oldest known running Rolls-Royce in the world is up for sale at Bonhams’ collectible cars and automobilia in London. The car was originally shown at The Paris Salon in late 2004, reports Reuters. Since its restoration in the 1950s, the car has been lovingly maintained. According to Tim Schofield, Bonhams’ head of UK motor sales, “the purchaser could get in and drive it away.” A jiggle of the carburetor, a turn of the starter handle, and you’re off - quite a feat for such an old machine.

Only three owners have shared the machine over the last century, and it was the last - racing star Oliver Langton - that restored it and took such excellent care of it. The original red leather and brass interior now shine like the day the two-seat open-top car was built.

If you have two million pounds burning a hole in an armored truck somewhere, and a climate-controlled garage with an empty stall, make sure you’re at Bonhams in London December 3rd. And bring truck-trailer rig. Just because you could drive it home doesn’t mean you should.