Honda came to SEMA with a mission this year, bringing 17 vehicles in total. One of the absolute hottest Hondas on show is the Accord Coupe HF-S Concept, a high-performance take on one of Honda’s proven production cars. The car isn’t intended for production, unlike the Honda Accord Coupe HFP, which is actually a factory available package on the Honda Accord Coupe.

The HF-S Concept is an exercise in high-technology, focusing on electronic customization of throttle response, suspension settings, steering boost and traction control. The driver can effectively tune each of these to perfection - and adjust each to changing conditions. Aerodynamics are also specially designed for performance: the front end creates a vortex enhancing high-speed stability and cooling, while the rear diffuser reduces drag. The spoiler on the trunk isn’t just for looks as it creates high-speed downforce, enhancing stability and traction. The two-stage exhause provides quiet cruising and free-breathing performance all in one package.

The appearance of the HF-S is also focused on conveying the car’s performance. Brilliant accents in Cadmium Orange Pearl contrast against the metallic base color. The brake calipers, badges, grille accent and interior highlights are all done in the orange accent color.

The Accord Coupe HFP, on the other hand, is all about real-world performance in a production car. Standing for Honda Factory Performance, the HFP designation marks the factory package available direct from Honda on 2008 Honda Accord Coupes. The package includes the Sport Suspension package, which lowers ride height and improves cornering, 19-inch wheels and tires, a full body kit and interior accents. All of the parts of the HFP kit (except the suspension kit, which isn’t available until next year) are currently available separately.