After having recently reported the cost cutting to take place at Chrysler we are relieved to bring word the exciting SRT (Street and Racing Technology) performance division will be hardly affected. Last week Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli announced plans to cull four models and cut up to 10,000 jobs but according to the director of the SRT these actions will have no affect on the performance division.

In a recent interview with Edmunds, SRT boss Michael Accavitti was quoted as saying, “I don’t see any change at all in the direction we’re going with SRT.” Accavitti went on to support Cerberus Corp’s move to place Bob Nardelli as CEO, despite his complete lack of automotive experience. “Even though he’s coming from outside the auto industry, this guy understands cars, he understands that these are emotional purchases and passionate purchases. Everything is going to be fine with Bob Nardelli driving this bus, I’ll tell you that right now.”

When asked whether every future Chrysler model could get an SRT version, Accavitti expressed his opinion saying that the SRT name was not something that could be earned easily. Each car would have to satisfy the ‘five pillars’ that needed to be upheld for any SRT vehicle, that is good ride, excellent handling, performance braking, outstanding levels of power, and an interior and exterior fit for a racetrack. “We don’t want this to just become a badge we hang on every single car. I’m very protective of that as the brand manager,” he said.