Acura is planning to inject some life into the slow selling RL flagship saloon by giving the car a major overhaul in time for next year's summer sale period. Several dealers were given information about the update but no specifications or details about the car's final styling were revealed.

One dealer in Pittsburgh told Automotive News that the car will receive "a major facelift in the front and back." Dealers across the U.S. have requested several major changes as another Los Angeles salesmen explained. "Dealers have said they want three things: They don't like the styling, there is not enough rear-seat legroom and it needs a turbocharger or V8."

American Honda exec Dan Bonawitz confirmed that changes to the car will be introduced by the middle of next year, also admitting that the car's interior could be improved. He wasn't willing to give any details about any powertrain changes, however.

If any car in Acura/Honda's lineup was in need of an update it's the RL. The latest model has sold poorly since its introduction in 2004, with latest sales figures down 47.5% on the same period last year. The key problem is that luxury buyers usually look for RWD vehicles with powerful V8 engines and the AWD V6 RL meets neither of those descriptors.