Lamborghini celebrated a sales milestone recently, with total sales for all Murcielagos (including LP640’s) reaching 3000. The 3000th Murcielago was a pale Telesto grey Murcielago LP640 headed to a lucky owner living in the United States.

Just a few weeks ago Lamborghini also celebrated the milestone of the Murcielago surpassing the sales figures for its predecessor, the Diablo, which sold 2903 models in a production run of 11 years. Lamborghini has been selling the Murcielago since 2001, taking just six years to surpass the sales figures for the Diablo, demonstrating how the supercar market has grown and just how much demand has grown for Lamborghini’s in the past few years.

The Murcielago isn’t quite finished yet. Word on the street is that it will come in for its final bow with the Super Veloce (SV) version that will see Lamborghini strip out the interior and replace it with carbon fibre, including the door innards, seats and center console. It’s also likely to be RWD only so additional weight can be saved by removing the front differential and driveshafts.

Lamborghini has been experiencing record sales for its entire model range, with sales of 2087 cars in 2006 being 30% higher than in 2005. In 2007, 2400 vehicles have already been delivered and so it looks like another record year for Lamborghini.