Belgian carmaker Gillet has rolled out a new version of the Vertigo sports coupe at this week’s European Motor Show in Brussels, the latest model being the fifth version of the Vertigo in almost 16 years. For anyone not familiar with the dramatically styled coupe, it is a race car built for the street by Belgian racing driver Tony Gillet.

Power comes from a 4.0L version of an Alfa Romeo V6 engine, which sees the car cover the 0-60mph sprint in just 3.26 seconds. The reason for the blistering acceleration time is not outright power alone but because of extreme weight saving measures as well. The Vertigo features a full carbon-fiber honeycomb chassis that weighs just 58kg and its aerodynamic package has undergone 16 years of fine tuning on the race track.

Forr anyone interested, the latest Vertigo 5 will set you back a cool €135,000, however you can be certain you'll be one of the few people on the planet to experience one of these eccentric cars.