Early last year, images of a heavily disguised prototype surfaced and led to speculation that the test-mule was in fact a future Lotus model. Most sites, including this one, concluded the car was the next-generation Esprit in testing but it appears it was actually the creation of a new joint-effort between engineering and design firms C2P Automotive and MotorCity Europe. This is an official rendering of what their new car will look like when it starts production around 2011.

According to its developers, the new model will be called the MC1 and it will be powered by a mid-engined 600hp V10 engine. The prototype sits lower than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 and is a little narrower as well, but it rides on chunky 21in wheels and features a full carbon-fiber monocoque body and scissor-style doors. At its rear, the design sports a set of vertical taillights and matching vertically stacked exhaust pipes.

The MC1’s lines were penned by David Hilton, a designer whose previous works include the Ford Focus RS and S-Max, and production will probably be handled by a coachbuilder located in the UK. Hilton also runs the MotorCity Europe design firm and originally created the design to showcase the firm’s talents. We just hope the MC1 doesn’t turn out to be a pie in the sky like so many other promised supercars from the UK.

Via: CAR