The Acabion GTBO could best be described as a high-output engine with a couple of wheels and a pair of seats attached. The small pod-shaped vehicle is the creation of Swiss firm Acabion and it’s claimed to be the fastest vehicle in production now that construction has started at a factory in Lucerne, Switzerland. It features a hybrid drivetrain, which consists of a small turbocharged 1.3L engine and an electric motor, giving a combined output of 750hp.

When cruising, the electric motor alone can drive the vehicle to a top speed of 40mph but at max output the GTBO is claimed to be able to reach a limited top speed of 342mph – 90mph more than the Bugatti Veyron. Accelerating from 0 – 300mph, by the way, is just a shade under 30 seconds. Thanks to its low kerb weight and its slippery shape, the GTBO also returns excellent fuel economy. When cruising at 100mph, for example, it achieves 100mpg and at 250mph it still manages a fuel economy rating of 25mpg.

The concept behind the GTBO is for the eventual creation of a high-speed transport system but for now the vehicles are being built primarily for awareness of the project or for anyone willing to foot the €1.87 million asking price and the three year wait.

Via: Jalopnik