Few would have guessed the R8 would be as successful as it has become, winning numerous awards and selling out within days of going on sale, and to some the car is worth a whole lot more than what Audi is asking for it. Back in November, Audi of America together with Bergdorf Goodman announced it would a special R8 customized by interior designer and architect Tony Chi and the car has just been purchased for a new R8 record.

The car has finally been auctioned off and the winning bidder was Robert Petersen of Dublin, California, who put down a whopping $425,000 bid for the car. Of course, a large percentage of the proceeds ($265,000 to be exact) will be going to charity but this is still an exceptional price to be paying for the car, even if it is a one-off.

Petersen will meet with architect Tony Chi in the upcoming weeks to custom-design the exclusive, sold out model.