We’ve previously reported about BMW considering a new low-emissions minicar to help reduce its fleet average emissions levels and now new reports have emerged claiming there could be an all-new brand launched with several different models in the pipeline. Part of the reason for BMW considering such a model is the mounting environmental awareness spreading across Europe. Such a car would also give it a better standing against similar superminis being developed by rival brand Audi, and to a less extent VW.

An inside source has told reporters from AutoExpress that the new model line is being designed primarily for town use but driver appeal would still be key. The lineup will be positioned below the current Mini range and will get its own unique label, possibly Isetta or Triumph. The cars won’t feature advanced technologies such as hybrids because “that technology is reserved for larger models, such as SUVs,” the insider explained.

Instead, the cars will rely on compact turbo petrol and diesel engines to keep costs down while still boosting efficiency. Previous reports suggested the car would feature FWD configuration and measure no more than 3.75m in length. Production would also be outsourced to vehicle assemblers such as Magna-Steyr but the engines and drivetrain would be built by BMW at plants in Germany.