Lancia’s portfolio is set to expand over the next couple with several hot models supposedly making a return including a possible flagship sports car as well as the legendary Delta. Details about the cars were leaked recently by several Lancia managers, who revealed that the revitalized range will kick off later this year with the introduction of a next-generation Delta compact.

The new Delta will sport a five-door hatchback design and is based on the current Fiat Bravo, although it will feature a slightly longer wheelbase and a more upmarket interior. Customers will be able to opt from leather and Alcantara trim. Expect to see the new car at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, reports AutoTelegraaf. Other versions such as an SUV variant and new coupe-cabrio model are still being discussed but the final decision will be revealed later this year. Pictured above is the Lancia Delta HPE Concept from 2006.

Next year will see the launch of a next-generation Ypsilon minicar, which will be available in both three and five-door body styles. The Thesis sedan, meanwhile, will be discontinued from Lancia’s lineup after the 2010 model year, while the Musa MPV will get a replacement despite its donor car, Fiat’s Idea, being discontinued. As for the rumored flagship sports cars, the source revealed it will share much in common with Alfa Romeo’s stunning 8C Competitzione and could pick up the Aurelia name.