Detroit Electric was revived only this month by America’s ZAP electric car company and China’s Youngman Auto and already the joint-venture has announced the appointment of former Lotus Engineering CEO Albert Lam as its new chief. Lam has worked closely with ZAP on previous concepts and electric vehicles and he was also instrumental during the planning and formulation stage of the revived Detroit Electric.

Lam has extensive experience in the niche auto sector. In addition to his former role as Lotus Engineering CEO, he’s also been a director at Lotus Group and served with companies like Jaguar, Land Rover and Ford. His task now will be to assemble a new management team to oversee the rapid expansion of the once proud Detroit Electric brand. The company is ramping up for the launch of its first model (pictured), a $30,000 electric three-wheeler that can do 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds and drive 150 miles on a single charge, and will follow up with two all-electric family sedans and a number of buses.

The first cars will be manufactured by Youngman in China and marketed and distributed by Zap in North America. ZAP is also organizing international distribution for its current and future vehicles, which means the rest of the world will soon be able to enjoy all-electric motoring as well.