Many found it puzzling when India’s Tata, a company that specializes in econo cars and commercial vehicles, announced plans to purchase a struggling luxury brand like Jaguar, but it appears there could be more to Tata’s takeover of Ford’s premium brands then first reported. Tata’s founder Ratan Tata has previously expressed his love for Land Rover, calling it the "ride of the Rajas," but as for Jaguar latest reports claim it may be spun off soon after the takeover is finalized.

Indian carmakers are keen to develop more off-road vehicles, especially larger and more premium designs. During the early phase of bidding for Jaguar and Land Rover, rival Indian carmaker Mahindra attempted to secure the rights for Land Rover by partnering but the deal went sour. Tata it seems had the same idea. A source has revealed to Edmunds that Tata has purchased a 450-acre plot outside of Delhi to build a new factory for the manufacture Land Rover SUVs and that "Jaguar will be spun off almost immediately."

Tata met with union officials from both British marques earlier this month but it’s not clear what was discussed. News of a further sale of Jaguar will be disappointing for unions but with great cars like the new XF and talk of even more sporty models in the works it appears Jaguar could be safe for now.