Most readers would recognize Roush as an aftermarket tuner that specializes in Ford products, namely the F-150 and Mustang models. The tuner now plans to launch what it calls a "third brand" later in the year and for the first time it could be based around a non-American car. Roush’s current brands include Roush Industries, which includes a manufacturing operation that supplies parts for cars like the Dodge Caliber SRT4, and Roush Performance Products, which produces custom cars like the P51 Mustang.

The information comes from Roush exec John G. Clark, who recently revealed to Edmunds that there will be a “totally different brand name that has nothing to do with Roush.” According to Clark, the new brand will initially provide "powertrain parts for cars and trucks."

During the interview Clark quelled rumors that Roush was developing new performance parts for the recently launched Dodge Challenger or upcoming Camaro. "As of right now, we have no plans to do Camaro, Challenger or Silverado, despite what is on the Internet," Clark said. "We built a Roush Silverado as an engineering exercise, but we do not plan to go into production with it."

Another area where Roush plans to expand is in the electric vehicle segment. Roush is currently developing a small fleet of electric vehicles and plans to focus on developing parts for diesel trucks as well.