Generations of car aficionados have been inspired by the staggeringly beautiful lines of classic Aston Martin, Ferrari and Maserati sports cars like the DBR1, the TR59/60 and the 450S. Creative Workshops understands this love affair with sheetmetal and has created a modern classic that marries bits of all these and a few more.

At first blush, the Sport Speciale seems some forgotten relic, a true vintage racer lost to the vagaries of time. But upon closer inspection, you'll find - despite the convincing curves - this is no 1960s vehicle. A Formula 1-inspired 450hp BMW V12 sits in front of a six-speed transmission, breathing through a full dozen individual injectors and throttle bodies. The car's ECU is completely programmable to adjust fuel maps for both acceleration and deceleration. Cutting-edge traction control ensures all that power is translated to forward motion, while quick ratio steering, fully adjustable coil-over shocks and fully adjustable front sway bar make corners even more exciting than the straights. And despite front-midship engine layout, weight distribution is an excellent 45 percent front, 55 percent rear, which should mean balance tends to very neutral to slight oversteer - perfect for fast laps and great fun.

All four corners get Brembo and Wilwood racing brakes for repeatable performance. A fully baffled fuel cell-type hand-built gas tank holds 20 gallons for cross-country touring or laps at the track. Vintage-era 'carrozzeria' style building techniques conform to the 1950s motif, while the 'superleggera' construction puts an emphasis on lightness and gives the Sport speciale an authentic race-car feel.

Inside, full heatshielding gives the driver and passenger some comfort not typically found in the racers of old. Fully adjustable seats accomodate everyone from 5'2" to 6'3" tall, hugging the body with their Italian glove leather trim. Painted in Ferrari Rossa Barchetta, OEM code 320, the Sport Speciale seems to leave no detail untouched in its quest for the perfect marriage of past and present.

We could go on waxing philosophic about the merits or methods of such a car, but perhaps it's best to just let the pictures do the rest.