Toyota’s FT-HS hybrid sports car concept has long been rumoured to be the precursor to the next-generation Mark V Supra but until now we’ve never had any official confirmation or even a suggestion that the two cars are in fact related. Now, on the eve of the Melbourne Motor Show, where the FT-HS will be on display, Toyota exec Peter Evans hinted at the possibility of the FT-HS becoming the Supra.

Speaking at the Australian launch of the car, Evans described the FT-HS as a “'Prius on steroids.” He then added that “it could be a vision for a Toyota Supra of the future.” The FT-HS name itself stands for Future Toyota Hybrid Sports and there’s no reason it couldn’t be the successor to the Supra.

The concept was developed by Toyota's Calty research and design centre in California and was first displayed at last year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Like previous Supras, the FT-HS is a two door sports coupe with a front mounted engine and RWD layout. Unlike past versions, the concept features an advanced 400hp hybrid powertrain, combining a 197hp electric motor with a 292hp 3.5L petrol V6. In fact, the powertrain of the FT-HS shares a lot in common with Lexus’ GS450h, giving hope that it could eventually make its way into a new sports car.